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Meaning of THEIR in English with More Examples

Friends, we will know the English meaning of the dictionary's word there. To know the full meaning of Meaning of Their in English along with the example, read the post till the end.

THEIR Meaning in English with More Examples :

Meanings of their in English -

  •  Their.
  •   His.
  •   Their.
  •   His or hers.
  •   My.
  •   their.

Friends, by now you must have known about all the abbreviations of the English meaning of the word there, but perhaps it will be difficult to understand them completely because it can be difficult to understand about them by one word.

So friend, keeping this in mind, we have explained their definition to each with examples in details so that you do not face any problem in knowing and understanding their meanings. Also, all these can be remembered so that when the time comes, they can use the meaning. So let's start.


What is the Means of Their in English and Tips :

read the detailed description of each -

- In these, this word refers to third party and masculine, that is, the person or thing in front of us would tell something about a third person. In this situation, all three have to be face to face. Under this, it is used to express both living and non-living things.

For example, in a school, one of two friends puts a pen in front and asks whose is it? Then the second friend points towards his first friend in front and says that he belongs to them. Countless such examples are seen happening all around us in many different places with different people.

- His, this word indicates to tell any feminine person or thing with third party. The things mentioned above for them are applicable here as well. The only difference is that of masculine and feminine, the rest of the examples also appear similar in many cases. The thing to keep in mind in this is that it is necessary to have some feminine or feminine things inside it.

- Their, the presence of things or humans with masculine in it is also described here in the third party, since here the plural ie more than one thing or person is kept as the meanings mentioned above and the difference in its masculine as well as The big difference is to point out the plural.

For example, you have many mangoes kept with you, only then if a person asks you who it is, then your answer would be that all these mangoes belong to those who went with you.

effects of words -

- In these words, especially referring to things related to masculine and human beings. It is necessary to have two living beings and one non-living or living being. There can be more than that. Here it is possible to do this situation between more than three people and things.

Now let's talk about their effect, then if in this situation the gestures are made to indicate the right place and things, then it will be fine and if something big is good or looks in the direction of doing, then the results will be astonishing that those people Would be great for family, society etc.

But on the contrary, if the situation is seen, then it can be fought in society with friends, relatives and family. Here a condition is also created which is like this. Friends, the situation does not show much change at the small level, but it can prove to be very effective in the big level.

- Their, we can understand it by connecting it to feminine things, we use it to tell any third which is feminine, in this it is necessary to have living and non-living things with more than 3 people.

Now let's talk about its effect that if we take feminine things while keeping these circumstances in front, that is, it is possible to be a woman, then if there is a good behavior with them, then everything will be fine, but in some situation someone is bad with a woman. behaves or commits some obscene act.

Then it may have to be paid to the person till the very fatal consequences, the people associated with that man ie the family will have to face shame, which will lead to fatal consequences for him in the future, which means his life will reach the verge of ruin. will go

Because in our society, on the one hand women are given the status of mother, on the other hand, they also do bad things with looking at foreign women with bad eyes, however, in the coming days, we see many such cases around us and this is especially full of eyes in the news paper. Comes, which along with exposing these things also express the possibility of its work, they say that everything has two sides.

- His, friends, this word appears to confirm plural with third party and yes it appears to express both feminine and masculine types.

The meaning of both the above mentioned words 'their' and 'their' is to be expressed to a great extent and the results are also almost the same, there is only one big difference, it can be used for many things or people together. Makes it different too.            

use of words -

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